Current State: Snowboarding is a book that compiles some of the most promi-
nent individuals and images of snowboarding’s past three decades. Made up of
two interconnected full-size books, it features interviews with 23 of the culture’s
most influential and original characters, assembled in an attempt to create an
overall - if blurry - image of snowboarding's current state.

Unfortunately the book was only released in a very limited edition and will not be
reprinted. However, single copies are occasionally being returned from our inter-
national distributors and become available again.If you’d like to sign up to be
waitlisted please send us an e-mail with your full name and country of residence
and we’ll get back to you in case a book has become available for you.

Written, Edited and Designed by David Benedek

450 Pages

Published and available through Almost Anything (worldwide)
in English and Japanese. Printed and bound in Germany.

First Edition, 2011
Official Release Date: Feb 6, 2012

ISBN - 978-3-00-036349-8

89,00 EUR

The book consists of two full-size books that are fused at one
edge of their back cover, turning every spread into a 4-page-
composition of correlating content. Folded up, they store away
nicely in a durable cover sleeve. Of course, each book can be
viewed individually as well.